Rye Scale

Our traditional recipe starts off by a century year old process using sourdough culture. This culture then reacts in tandem with the Rye Flour to create the deliciously soft bread on the inside and the crusty shell on the outside. Our range of breads all have rye flour in them and vary between 5% -100% rye and mixed in with either wheat or white flour. 
The more rye that is in the bread the darker and healthier the bread becomes. The rye flour is very nutrient dense and is better for your digestion. Our Village loaf for example is nearly all white flour with 5% rye flour. The Village then has less of that sour and dark rye flavour; this bread is most similar to a white toast. Our 100% rye bread is one of the healthiest breads you can eat, and has no white flour in it. 
Use the rye darkness scale crown to judge what bread is best for you!