King's Bakery gets its royal name from a bakery in Poland where our grandfather worked ever since he was 14 years old. The bakery had a long standing history in supplying the area with fresh baked good using only controlled traditional recipes that we past down from actual royalty, or so the story goes.

Our grandfather Marian Gaska was born in 1939 in small town called Krasnik, Poland. Our family immigrated in Calgary Canada in 1989 and he and my grandmother joined us shortly after. Baking was all he knew thus, he continued making small batch breads in his home kitchen. He had a pail under his sink where he would ferment the sourdough culture and bake bread for friends and family. 

This exceptional recipe uses sourdough rye as its base and comes from a really old line of history. Some even say it was the recipe for Polish King's.